Rug Care

Your Oriental rug is a pre-eminent example of combined art, durability, and creativity and deserves the same care and attention you would devote to a fine piece of furniture. Your efforts will be rewarded time and time again through years of lasting satisfaction with the unique beauty of your oriental carpet.

Regular vacuuming will help remove destructive grit that is tracked on the surface and sifts through the wool fibers to the foundation of the rug. Occasionally, you should vacuum the back of the rug to draw out the very short, light absorbing bits of yarn that can otherwise dull the luster of the carpet.

In high traffic areas, we recommend doing this once a year.

Professional cleaning will remove the grit and dirt that becomes deeply embedded as well as the surface soiling that dulls the appearance of the carpet. Cleaning should be done only by a professional cleaning service that specializes in oriental rugs, and not by a commercial cleaner unfamiliar with a hand-woven product.

Whenever possible, clean a spill before it has a chance to set. First, scrape up any solid dirt or blot up excess liquid with a paper or cloth towel. Depending on the type of spill, a simple variety of household solutions may be used. Specific stain treatments, as supplied by The Wool Bureau, are as follows:

Alcoholic Beverages - Detergent / Vinegar / Solvent

Blood - Detergent / Vinegar / Starch Paste

Chewing Gum - Freeze with Ice / Scrape / Solvent

Chocolate - Detergent / Vinegar / Solvent

Coffee - Cold Water / Detergent / Solvent

Cola / Soft Drink - Warm Water / Detergent

Fruit Juices - Cold Water / Detergent

Furniture Polish - Cleaning Solvent / Detergent / Ammonia

Gravy / Sauces - Warm Water / Detergent

Mildew - Call a reputable cleaner

Mud - Detergent 

Rust - Solvent / Detergent / Rust Remover 

Salad Dressing - Detergent / Cleaning Solvent 

Tea - Cold Water / Detergent / Solvent 

Urine - Detergent / Vinegar 

Vomit - Detergent / Vinegar / Solvent 

Wine - Absorbent Powder / Cold Water / Detergent

Detergent Solution: One teaspoon clear dish washing soap in one-cup warm water.

Ammonia Solution: One tablespoon clear ammonia in 1/2-cup water.

Vinegar Solution: 1/3 cup white vinegar in 2/3-cup water.

Solvent: A dry-cleaning solvent (available at hardware and grocery stores.)
Use recommended techniques for cleaning stains. You may refer to the following techniques for cleaning stains:

1. Do it fast.

2. Blot up excess spills with paper towels. DO NOT RUB.

3. Apply antidote from the preceding list. with a clean dry cloth, working from edges to center. DO NOT SOAK.

4. Blot excess antidote with paper towels. Dry with fan or hair dryer.

5. Restore direction of pile with clothes brush.

It is important to test any cleaning or protection product in an inconspicuous area before using. Please follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully when using any product on your Stickley Audi & Co. furniture or rug. Always apply care products in the same direction as the wood grain, not across it or in circles, to avoid leaving visible streaking or scratching. For answers to your specific care questions, you may contact the craftspeople at L. & J.G. Stickley via email at