E. J. Audi opened his first furniture store in Manhattan back in 1928. With the promise of providing the finest furniture available, this tradition was continued by his son Alfred and wife Aminy.

 Today Stickley, Audi & Company continues to grow and prosper, under the leadership of Aminy Audi and her son Edward who continue to fulfill their promise of delivering the finest furniture from an ever-growing number of stores.

The Stickley tradition of quality began in 1900 with the founding of L. & J.G. Stickley, Inc.

From day one, Leopold Stickley dedicated his life to crafting solid, honest furniture that looked pristine and lasted a lifetime.

With the death of Leopold Stickley and changes in taste, Stickley experienced a downturn. Then in 1974, Alfred Audi, at the time their largest dealer, and his wife Aminy purchased the company.

By maintaining the quality and meticulousness of time-honored techniques while innovating to stay ahead of trends, the Audis took the Stickley brand from just 22 employees and one antiquated factory to what it is today—one of the most iconic, sought-after furniture brands in the world, with over 1200 dedicated personnel and 3 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities—a true example of the American-made dream.

All Stickley Mission products carry the iconic Stickley Shop Mark. It’s a joiner compass complemented by the old Flemish Craftsman motto: “Als Ik Kan,” which means: “To the best of my ability.” The mark guarantees that, no matter what piece of Stickley furniture, you have the highest quality, a product made with honor, integrity, and pride.