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Give A Gift That Reflects Your Love.
Click here to view a selection of mirrors by Stickley. We also carry a variety of other accessories at each showroom, so visit us today to find mirrors that best fit your home.

Below is a partial list of the accessory vendors available through Stickley Audi & Co.:

 •  Currey & Co.
 •  Eastern Accents (bed coverings)
 •  Ephraim Faience Pottery
 •  Fine Art Lamps
 •  Hubbardton Forge
 •  John Richards
 •  Mica Lamp Company
 •  Quoizel
 •  The Arts & Crafts Press
 •  William Morris lamps
* Stickley Audi & Co. showrooms are customized for each region, so vendors may not be available in every store.